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On April 28, Partnership Sunday, representatives from organizations to whom we give grants are invited to the 10:15am worship service and will be available after worship to talk with you and explain their initiatives.

Each year, non-profits and community groups can request a one-year grant from AHCC through a formal application process. AHCC’s Director of Discipleship, Mia Douglas, and the members of the Outreach Committee balance the number of grants given with providing an amount to make a meaningful and positive impact on the success of the programs.

Specifically, the Outreach Committee funds programs that reflect AHCC’s Christian mission and values and contribute to a healthy community. Areas of funding typically include housing, food, education and youth development, social services, and community-building. The grant application process includes a site visit by a member of the Committee, a review of the organization’s financial strength, and an evaluation of the potential impact of our grant. Committee members stay connected with the organizations to monitor the success of the funded initiatives. A link on our website ( > About AHCC > Grant Program) describes the program and includes additional links to the grant application and a cover letter addressed to potential new applicants.

If you are one of our pledging members, you help make these grants possible! Thank you. Please make a point of coming to worship on Partnership Sunday and staying to talk with this year’s recipients in Drew Hall. Your pledges make possible our commitments to these partners and their transformative work. If you would like to be a part of this work by making a pledge to AHCC, please contact Deb Holden at the church office (, or follow the guidelines on our website at which explains how to set up automatic monthly pledge payments.