Current News

by Linda Kelly

As this fall/winter season brings us closer to Thanksgiving, we not only focus on the many gifts received, but also express gratitude for the opportunities that lie ahead for growth, inspiration, creativity, and innovation – all beckoning us to “Wade into Deeper Waters.”

At the October meeting of the Board of Deacons, our agenda drew us into deeper waters, as we addressed three exciting and innovative activities: first, following two sessions of presentation and robust discussion, the Diaconate voted that AHCC should become a member of the nascent organization, Greater Hartford Interfaith Action Alliance (GHIAA), joining nearly 40 other churches, synagogues, mosques and meeting houses. The stated goal is to build a diverse organization of lay and religious leaders to address social justice issues for which there is common ground among the members (note: there is no partisan political activity). You will hear more about our role in GHIAA as we build an internal structure around our membership. Second, we engaged in, and shared the results of, small group discussions on two matters addressing the worship service: (i) what could a multi-dimensional service look like, and (ii) what new opportunities of engagement might arise if there were a single Sunday service. Third, we learned more about the Strategic Task Group whose work is designed to guide us over the next several years. David Figliuzzi, Vice Moderator, who chairs this effort, explained the three-team approach: finance, governance, and revenue generation, all of which will influence our worship services, programmatic, and fiscal activities.

Creativity and innovation at AHCC are further spurred by the actions of our committees, which are reaching out to each other on interrelated matters. Additionally, former moderators have continued their engagement, as many of us recently gathered to reconnect and share common experiences and hopes for the future.

Everyone is invited to “Wade Into Deeper Waters,” either through direct participation, or by engaging your elected lay leaders on matters of interest to you.

Yes, we at Asylum Hill Congregational Church have much to be thankful for. As I give thanks, I also wish for you God’s blessings and great happiness, fellowship, and love as you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.