Current News

It’s been almost a year since AHCC’s Growth Team was formed. The core group has gathered about twice per month to discern ways to grow into our potential for each other and for communities outside our church through Inquiry, Acceptance, and Impact. The group is divided into four teams: Programs and Events, Community Partnerships, Growth Team Recruitment and Leadership, and Communication.

The congregation is invited and encouraged to be a part of the Growth Team. What does that mean? Growing our church and its impact will take many of us working together, each doing our part. Being a part of the Growth Team doesn’t require attendance at any meetings, but it does mean you will attend worship and events and invite someone new to join you, or to help with special events or community impact projects. So far, over 115 people have expressed their willingness to help out in this way. 

In May, the core group hosted two events for the larger Growth Team: a BBQ at the home of Rev. Erica Thompson, and a gathering at Hog River Brewery. At each event, there was discussion about the themes of Inquiry (encouraging questions and conversations into matters of faith, spirituality, and personal growth), Acceptance (creating a kind, loving and safe environment for all people), and Impact (using our diverse opinions as a springboard to meaningfully and positively affect change for our church community and the community at large). Then some information was distributed about upcoming events and services that would be great opportunities to invite someone new to AHCC. And of course, there was time for fellowship and fun and great conversation. To learn more about these efforts and how you can be a part, reach out to