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Clergy Report: A Year of History-making, Joy, and Hard Work

by Bart Halloran

The past year has been one of transition, historic change, spiritual reconciliation, and growth. 

It’s been almost a year since AHCC’s Growth Team was formed. The core group has gathered about twice per month to discern ways to grow into our potential for each other and for communities outside our church through Inquiry, Acceptance, and Impact. The group is divided into four teams: Programs and Events, Community Partnerships, Growth Team Recruitment and Leadership, and Communication.

by Karen Dibala

In April, a group of volunteers from Asylum Hill and Immanuel Churches traveled to Ponce, Puerto Rico to tear down and rebuild two roofs damaged by Hurricane Maria over two years ago. In conjunction with the local UCC, the trip was organized and led by Rich and Ruth Grobe and Jack Kadzik.

by Bart Halloran*

We celebrated our church, honoring those we lost, calling out the works done by some of our stalwarts, listening to our youth, and electing a new slate of leaders.