Youth Ministry

Mission and Vision

The teenage years are often when young people are forming their identity as individuals and can be a time when they are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. The Youth Ministry program at AHCC seeks to provide an environment where each young person feels a sense of place within the church community and belonging to our God. The Youth Ministry program serves young people in grades 6-12 with an emphasis on faith development, service, and Christian fellowship.


Children & Youth at AHCC from AHCC on Vimeo.

1st Sunday of each month (October - June) -  Prepare 100 sandwhiches and cookies for Loaves and Fishes

2nd Sunday of each month (October – April) - BINGO at Betty Knox Apartments

[View photos from the 2015 Confirmation Retreat here.]  In the 8th grade students join the Confirmation Class, where they are invited to explore their relationship with God and their faith more deeply by participating in a weekend retreat and a series of 14 classes held from Oc