What We Believe

We believe we can make this world a better place in the name of Jesus Christ. We are not just a “Sunday worship church,” we are a church that is pursuing its mission … everyone, everyday, and everywhere with boldness, passion, and tenacity.

We are exploring and experimenting with a “new” way of being Christian. It’s not conservative/evangelical or liberal/progressive. We call it a “Third Way,” a way that centered on Christ and extravagantly open to all. It’s a way of being unapologetically Christian and unabashedly inclusive, not because we value openness for its own sake, but because we want to reflect the inclusive message of the gospel. It’s about modeling a diverse, relevant, innovative, joyful, spirit-filled, justice-seeking community for ourselves and for the world God loves. What could be more important or rewarding? Join us!

For more information on AHCC's vision for the future, download our Mission and Values brochure

Our Mission and the "Simple 7"

The mission of Asylum Hill Congregational Church is to help people grow in faith and love as disciples of Jesus. What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? In our experience, discipleship involves 7 simple practices: Sunday Worship, Scripture Reading, Seeking God in Prayer, Service, Stewardship, Spiritual Friendship, and Sabbath.

To help us begin or enhance our practice of the Simple 7, this guide has simple ways to deepen your practice or to get started. Above all, please remember this: the Simple 7 are not a spiritual scorecard or a way to become a “super Christian,” whatever that is. The Simple 7 are simply ways to help us grow in faith and love as disciples of Jesus. In addition, we will be posting short videos on each of the Simple 7. Click here for Seeking God in Prayer Part 1, and here for Seeking God in Prayer Part 2.

Core Values


The loving, transforming way of Jesus is the motivation for and the foundation of all worship, programs and ministries of the church.


Called to share God’s love for each person, we seek to build a caring community to support one another through times of joy and struggle. In addition to clergy and staff, we embrace congregational care as a ministry for every member.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

We recognize all people as integral parts of the human family, created in God’s image. We include everyone around Christ’s table and strive to be a place where all people know they are valued for their unique experiences, opinions and gifts. We seek collaboration with other churches and other faiths to spread the inclusive love of God.


Responding to God’s call to be faithful stewards, we practice generous and transparent use of our resources, valuing each person’s unique gifts of presence, participation and pledge.


We value our rich heritage, while striving to be a forward-thinking community of disciples always preparing the Church of tomorrow. We recognize and celebrate creative and courageous efforts when they succeed and when they don’t.


We are grateful for the gift of life and for each other. Fun and laughter are woven into the fabric of our lives together. We strive to bring a spirit of joy to all that we do.


 We seek justice and peace through building relationships and through making small, deliberate choices and advocating for individual human rights as well as social and ecological justice. Together, we seek to bring about the world that God intends.

Peace and Nonviolence

Following the example of Jesus, we affirm principles and practices that promote peace and reduce aggression/violence.

Turning Outward

Following the lead of the Holy Spirit, which drove the apostles out of the upper room and into the streets, we are also sent out into our neighborhood, city, region and world responding to the important issues of our time.