Current News

AHCC’s Wednesday evening Warming Center opened on December 4, receiving guest referrals through the Marshall House Salvation Army. Referrals for all seven faith-based host sites (designated as overflow shelters for the city of Hartford) are not what was anticipated. To date, AHCC has hosted one family on 12/11 and 12/18. Members of the congregation provide a meal and serve as volunteer hosts in shifts: 5-10pm, 10pm-6am, and 6-9am. A total of 20 volunteers have worked the Warming Center since its opening. There is a “small group” feel among the host volunteers as they do their work and get to know each other. Their faithful preparation is holy work and their ministry of presence is comforting to those seeking a warm and safe place to lay their heads for the night.  

The Warming Center guests are hard working people who have fallen on tough times – mothers and fathers doing their best to provide the necessities of life for themselves and their families. Because of your generosity, AHCC has been able to ease the stress and anxiety of God’s beloveds. Much thanks to all who have cooked a meal, served as a volunteer host, and contributed to the Advent Campaign. 

AHCC’s Warming Center will operate every Wednesday evening through March 25 (including New Year) and there’s still opportunity to get involved. For more information, please contact Director of Discipleship, Rev. Mia Douglas,  at or 860.216.9834.