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AHCC is governed by a Board of Deacons, led by the church moderator and vice moderator, and various Committees which specialize in specific areas of interest.

Board of Deacons: Would you like a voice in shaping the future of AHCC? Consider becoming a deacon-at-large, which has nothing to do with body type and everything to do with having a sizeable role in church leadership. You’ll be a part of the team that helps to set and evaluate overall direction of the church and ensures support for key ministries and approves the annual budget, among other things.

Administration and Finance: If crunching numbers brings a smile to your face, this team of fellow talented bean counters may be for you! Members manage the financial assets and recommend a budget for the church. 

Adult Education: If you think “adulting” can be really hard or just plain dull, be a part of this ministry team that engages, enlivens, and deepens the faith of adults in the congregation by planning fun, meaningful programs and events that help awaken our childlike sense of awe and wonder.

Building and Grounds: Cut the grass. Paint the fence. Repave the walkway. In all likelihood, you won’t actually have to DO any of these things, but if managing the physical structure of the church and the exterior grounds speaks to you, you should speak to us about volunteering for this important ministry.

Children and Family: We all know that “a little child shall lead them,” but who’s leading the child? YOU can! Sometimes literally, by being a classroom helper, and sometimes figuratively, by planning AHCC’s faith formation programs and family activities which serve children through 6th grade. 

Communications: Who, what, when, where, why and how? If you find yourself asking, “Why don’t more people know about this?” you should serve on this committee that promotes all of the church’s events and services through articles, press releases, social media, photos/video and more.

Engagement/Discipleship: OK, we have a lot of members – now what? That’s the question that this ministry team addresses. You won’t have to get down on one knee to get members engaged, but you can help get them involved in ways to serve and help the church thrive. A true win-win.

Hospitality: Not only have you got a friend in Jesus - you’ve got friends at AHCC. The members of this committee work to ensure that visitors feel extravagantly welcome in this community of faith by encouraging greeters and ushers to identify and welcome visitors and speaking with visitors in the pew, and even escorting them to Drew Hall for further conversation. 

House: Is your inner decorator longing to be released into a world of tapestries, draperies and antiquities? Do you have trouble walking by a crooked picture without straightening it? The House ministry team needs you! Members of this group make recommendations about the maintenance, repair, and design of new elements of church property.

Investment: Although past performance does not necessarily predict future results, this team has successfully given oversight and made recommendations about the church’s financial assets such as the endowment, for years. We work with FIA to manage our portfolio, but we count on the expertise from within the church to advise and guide their work. 

Membership: We all know that membership has its privileges, and being an official part of the AHCC family is no exception. The Membership Committee attracts new members through marketing AHCC and its values to the community, utilizing targeted involvement in community events and activities, and is responsible for managing the New Member Orientation meeting.

Outreach: “And they’ll know we are Christians by our love.” And what better way to demonstrate that love than by supporting our neighbors and community partners through outreach? Members of this ministry team review and recommend grants and keep the church informed on matters of Christian social concern and recommended action.

Planned Giving: If planning for the future is what you do best, this ministry team, which focuses on the security of our financial future, would be a great fit. Because, to paraphrase, “We do not inherit the church from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Stewardship: Everyone knows money doesn’t grow on trees. Members of this team know money actually grows from our hearts, just like Jesus said, “Where your money is, there your heart will be also.” The Stewardship ministry oversees the annual giving campaign, major gifts for programs and facility needs, and the planned giving program. 

Women’s Spirituality and Fellowship: No boys allowed in this group that offers the women of the church opportunities for spiritual growth, Christian fellowship, service, and support. Because girls rule.

Worship and Arts: Lights! Camels! Action! Coordinating the music and arts programs of the church in worship, concerts, workshops, and exhibitions is a great way to honor the Creator with your creativity. This team consults on the church’s musical, visual, and performing arts programs.

Youth: Ah, the Middle and High School years ... when you’re secure in who you are and know exactly where you’re going. OK, not so much. And that’s why they might need a mature, faithful, grounded (or at least someone who loves God and youth) person like you! If you would like help in shaping the faith formation of a diverse group of young people in grades 6 - 12, this team is for you.

Please complete the information on the Nominating Form for yourself and/ or a friend and place it in the offering plate, the Nominating ballot box, or email Mary Way ( for submission is Friday, February 28.