Current News

On February 24, the Stewardship Committee asked our members to take a short survey about giving, our annual pledging process, and the communications that support that process.

We received 132 responses. Thank you!

What we heard was heartwarming and helpful. We view giving to AHCC differently than our support of other “charities.” We give more to AHCC and feel that our individual contributions are important to the church. 

AHCC’s support of our local community is very important to our members and we are open to special contributions to support them.

Members also provided information about improving our communications throughout the year and during pledging process. Ninety-five members took the time to write in their ideas and suggestions. These include a desire for a greater sense of belonging, more frequent sharing of financial information and a better understanding of our church staff and their roles and responsibilities.

The survey indicated that most members feel well informed about how contributions are used and have confidence in AHCC’s ability to use contributions wisely.