Current News

by Jim Cox-Chapman

This year I decided to accept Rev. Erica Thompson’s invitation to “wade into deeper waters by being part of the creative process of crafting our future.” I joined the AHCC choir.

by Camille Boyd

Why is it such a big deal to ask for “homemade” cookies for the Boar’s Head receptions? With all those people pressed in Drew Hall, who really knows the difference? Or even cares? As it turns out, LOTS OF PEOPLE DO!  There are comments from guests of all ages about the shapes, colors, flavors of the cookies.

by Linda Kelly

As this fall/winter season brings us closer to Thanksgiving, we not only focus on the many gifts received, but also express gratitude for the opportunities that lie ahead for growth, inspiration, creativity, and innovation – all beckoning us to “Wade into Deeper Waters.”

excerpt of a testimony given by Dean Amadon, Sunday, September 22

by Rev. Erica Thompson

Our church community opened our program year with the theme “Wading into Deeper Waters.” In September, we celebrated PRIDE Sunday and in October we had a worship service centered on Incarceration and Redemption. Each service was prayerfully and thoughtfully planned and created through the lens of our church’s affirmations: Inquiry, Acceptance, and Impact.