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by Dr. Reza Mansoor

I greet you with the Islamic greeting - Assalaamu-alaikum! Peace be with you all. By this I mean and pledge that from a true Muslim you will find everything that reinforces love for each other and the spreading of peace and goodwill. That is what we mean when we say assalaamu-alaikum!

by Matt Laney

I learned to swim at the YMCA in Camden, Maine, during the summer of my eighth year.

I don’t remember my instructor’s name, but she taught me to float, tread and crawl. Those lessons not only helped me avoid drowning, they also allowed me to have fun in the water, assured I would live to swim on another day.

On February 17, Jack Pott (JP), AHCC’s Director of Music & Arts had the opportunity to chat with former AHCC choir soloist and current member of Chanticleer, Marques Ruff (MR), about his life, his music and his influences.

Blessed Are They

the marginalized, the sinner,
the person who does not fit in,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

of love, of freedom, of dignity, of home – the refugee, of identity – the exile,
for they will be comforted.

Published in the Hartford Courant, Copyright 2017 (with minor edits for this newsletter)

Volunteering as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher in Hartford to recent refugee immigrants from many places in the world – Syria, Ukraine, Burma, Congo, Somalia and Afghanistan – has opened my mind and heart to something of which I had minimal knowledge.

On January 21, the Boards of Directors of the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island conferences met to discuss forming a new Conference to minister and come together to make an impact as people of faith. Following worship and conversation, each Board then voted unanimously to adopt a resolution stating their intent to move forward in creating a new Conference.